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#050: Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) - 2013 Batman Unlimited (DCUC / MOTUC)

#050: Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) - 2013 Batman Unlimited (DCUC / MOTUC)

Frank Miller Batman

Character Name: Batman
Series/Property: DC Comics Universe
Toy Line: Batman Unlimited / DC Universe Classics
Company: Mattel
Year Released: 2013
Size/Scale: 6 inches / 7 inches
Original Retail Price: US$19.99
Character's First Appearance: The Dark Knight Returns (1986)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (1986) / Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Animated; 2012/2013)
Style: Modern Action Figure

One of my 80's dreams come true:  a Frank Miller Batman figure.  While there has been a few made over the years by DC Direct, a statue, and other merchandice made of this design (not to mention my friend's tattoo) this figure uses the Masters of the Universe classics body to make it a similar build as in the comic.  Actually this figure isn't based on the comic, as it's face shows.  It's based on the so-so animated movie from 2012-13- hense the smoothed out face, lacking all the wrinkles and grit Miller put into the art of the comic.

Batman Unlimited Dark Knight packaged

Batman Unlimited Dark Knight packaged

As you can see, the packaging is modern, boring, and awkward, with a lot of wasted space.


Batman shines once he's freed from his plastic prison.

Batman - Frank Miller

It's a really nice figure, and a must have for Dark Knight fans.


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