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#042: Darth Vader (Star Wars) - 2012 Vintage Collection VC93

#042: Darth Vader (Star Wars) - 2012 Vintage Collection VC93


Character Name: Darth Vader
Series/Property: Star Wars
Toy Line: The Vintage Collection
Company: Kenner
Year Released: 2012
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$9.99
Character's First Appearance:  Star Wars (1977) (Episode IV: A New Hope)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Star Wars (1977)
As portrayed by:  David Prowse / James Earl Jones
Character Created by: George Lucas / Ralph McQuarrie
Style: Modern Action Figure

This is an excellent representation of Darth Vader from the first Star Wars film.  The main differences between his appearances in the four films is his helmet (not very symetrical in the first film, different colored eye lenses), his gloves (different pattern), and his Sith robes being over his shoulder armor, as opposed to underneath as in the other three movies.


This figure is nice as it's tall and imposing over other figures.  The helmet does not come off.  I am not a huge fan of Darth Vader taking off his helmet, it destroys the mystery.


He does not come with the unlit lightsaber or a hole on his belt to fit one.  This comes from another figure.


He does however include this lightsaber, and it's a nice deep red (not pink like many other releases.)

Darth Vader, 1978 and 2012

You can see also that he has ball-jointed hips, a first for a Vader figure in this scale I think.  Since Vader isn't Bruce Lee, and isn't doing splits in any of the movies (he can barely bend over to pick up his dropped car keys!) this is pretty unnecessary in my opinion.  At long as they can sit, stand straight in a neutral pose, and hold/use a variety of accessories, then I am fine with that.  For Spider-Man, or say other more mobile or "agile" characters I like full range hips.  However on this figure, it's really nice, looks clean, and gives it overall a more "Deluxe" feel.

History of the Darth Vader costume:
Details of Vader's injuries:

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