Monday, December 16, 2013

#032: The Thing (White) - 2009 Marvel Universe Negative Zone Variant

#032: The Thing (White) - 2009 Marvel Universe Negative Zone Variant


Character Name: The Thing
Series/Property: Marvel Comics Universe
Toy Line: Marvel Universe
Company: Hasbro
Year Released: 2009
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$7.99
Character's First Appearance:  Fantastic Four #1 (1961)
Toy Based on Appearance in:  Fantastic Four #256 (1983)
Style: Modern Action Figure

John Byrne style Thing was one of the first figures I saw that made me want to start collecting the Marvel Universe line from Hasbro.

Thing (white); Thing (F4 Box Set)

The whole 1980's era team.

Fantastic Four was one of my most favorite comics of my childhood.  The Thing in specific is always a big hit in my household, so we tend to collect the character from multiple toy lines.

The Thing:
Fantastic Four:
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