Friday, December 13, 2013

#031: Death Star Droid RA-7 - 2008 Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid MB-RA7

#031: Death Star Droid RA-7 - 2008 Legacy Collection Build-A-Droid MB-RA7 


Character Name: RA-7
Series/Property: Star Wars
Toy Line: Legacy Collection
Company: Hasbro
Year Released: 2008
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: n/a (to purchase this figure you had to buy others totaling $47.94 retail)
Character's First Appearance:  Star Wars (1977) (Episode IV: A New Hope)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Star Wars (1977)
Style: Modern Action Figure

This is an action figure of an art instructor droid.  Of course I need this.


The rest of the world might want it as it's an amazing modern version of  the classic Kenner Death Star Droid.

The old man.

You had to buy six different figures in order to have a complete Death Star Droid.

Build-A-Droid RA body, POTF2-style body.

It's been re-released since then in a three-pack with a few other robots.

If you don't believe me:

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