Friday, December 6, 2013

#024: Fixer - 2010 The Vintage Collection (Celebration V Exclusive Comic Pack)

#024: Fixer - 2010 The Vintage Collection (Celebration V Exclusive Comic Pack)


Character Name: Laze "Fixer" Loneozner
Series/Property: Star Wars
Toy Line: The Vintage Collection (Celebration V Exclusive Comic Pack)
Company: Hasbro
Year Released: 2010
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$14.99
Character's First Appearance:  Star Wars 1976 Novel; Star Wars 1977 Marvel Comics; Art of Star Wars (1979)
Toy Based on Appearance in:  Deleted Scene on Star Wars Blu-Ray
As portrayed by:  Anthony Forrest
Character Created by:  George Lucas
Style: Modern Action Figure

Fixer and girlfriend Camie came as a two-pack exclusive to the Star Wars "Celebration V" convention of 2010.  Many fans (myself included) were panicked initially; would these be affordable (or even available) to fans who didn't make it to the convention? Luckily within a month or two they were available online direct and at original price to boot.

When it comes to Tatooine's scumbags, I have to own them all.

Mine has a few bad paint spots on his face and belt which, like Camie, show up in photos, but are not all that noticeable to the naked eye.


The three characters I wanted the most in the mid 90's when Star Wars figures returned:  Biggs, Fixer, Camie.



Watch the extras on the Star Wars Blu-Ray set to see Fixer.  And read his Wookieepedia entry.  He's a rat, a jerk, and kind of a bully- so is Camie.


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