Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The 3.75 inch Action Figure Museum: Introduction

This is The 3.75 Inch Action Figure Museum.  It's a blog meant to be a virtual checklist and organization tool for my collection, as well as some practice for writing and photography.

Death Star Droid sits
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I recently realized I've been collecting toys since the mid 1990's, and haven't had any photographs, checklists, or really records of my collecting at any time, of any of the thousands upon thousands of figures and other items I've owned since the 90's.  That sucks.  So I think I will change that.

I mostly collect 3.75-inch action figures from the 1970's, 1980's, and today.  Sometimes called 3-3/4-inch scale (as well as 1:18 scale, 16mm, or 2/3 inch scale) these little guys were a huge part of my childhood.

Junk Yard

Out of the thousands of figures made in the size over the years, I mainly collect Star Wars, both modern and vintage items, with a specific focus on the original 1977 film and the characters in the Mos Eisley Cantina sequence.  I also collect comic book superheroes, television and/or movie-based figures, pop culture toys, or anything that is fun or strange.


I actively collect many other scales and toy lines as well, such as Masters of the Universe, Doctor Who, Godzilla, Mazinger ZMarvel and DC Comics, 1:6 scale figures, hand-made fan items, japanese vinyl and diecast toys, comic books, LPs, movies, etc.  Over the years, I've had collections of Mego, G.I.Joe, Toybiz, Marvel Legends, Star Trek, Transformers, Chogokin, and others, which, while I no longer own, I may write about here as well.


I'm going to try to number each post in a sick game to see how many tiny plastic men a man in his mid-thirties can own and talk about.  They don't mean anything except for my own personal checklist, don't read anything into it.  Just like my collection, while I focus on one thing mostly, variety is the spice of life and everything is welcome and on the table to discuss.

Some sites that have heavily influenced these writings and photos, and some of the best places to read about collecting toys on the internet:


Hall of Heroes

Sorry, nothing here is for sale, and I don't want to buy anything.
Please do not use any of the photos here in your online auctions.
Please show respect for my work and ask before you repost it anywhere.

Thanks for your time, it's a work in progress, and my first time documenting my hobby.  I hope you have fun and enjoy.

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