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#023: Spider-Man (Classic) - 2011 Marvel Universe Comic Pack

#023: Spider-Man (classic) - 2011 Marvel Universe Comic Pack


Character Name: Spider-Man
Series/Property: Marvel Comics Universe
Toy Line: Marvel Universe
Company: Hasbro
Year Released: 2011
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$14.99 (for the whole set)
Character's First Appearance:  Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Amazing Spider-Man #38 (July 1966) / art of John Romita, Sr. / 1970's style
Style: Modern Action Figure

An excellent classic 1970's style Spider-Man figure.

This figure is extremely articulated.

Includes web accessory, which went right into the spare parts bin.

With VOTC Han Solo for scale.

As you can see with the picture above, Marvel Universe figures tend to scale really large.  Most heroes are a full head taller than your average 3.75 inch figure.

Whether either is actually truly "3.75-inch scale" is a subject of heated debate; since the figures look really nice for the most part, I don't mind.  Plus I somewhat segregate my super heroes and science fiction displays.

MU vs. Spider-Man line
With another Spider-Man figure from the "Spider-Man 3-3/4 inch" line.

The problem starts when you try to combine them with other lines, even other Marvel lines.  Put Spidey here in front of a 1:18 scale car and you begin to see how really tall he is.

IMG_1329The set also included a 1970's Captain Britain figure.

But with other Marvel Universe figures, he looks great, and isn't a gangly giant.  I tend to not get that crazy about scale- unless it just looks ridiculous.  An example to me of ridiculous would be the first MU Wolverine, as it was clearly way too tall compared to the other figures; or a Luke Skywalker who stands head-to-head with Chewbacca.

Clockwise from upper left: Classic Spidey; Scarlet Spider; Black Spider-Man; New Spider-Man (Clone Saga)

Another issue I have with the Marvel Universe line is the plastic T-bar hips.  They, simply, suck.  They feel cheap.  Why they make the support bars out of plastic (besides being cheap) is beyond me.  The hips in the Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine lines are mostly balls or another type of sturdy joint.  And G.I.Joe figures don't suffer from this because the bar is metal.  Why they didn't just save themselves the hassle and make it metal is beyond me.

I'm no where near completist on this line.  I do however have a lot of them, and have a need to buy the classic characters in their classic looks.  I am a real sucker for the Fantastic Four, 1980's Avengers, 70's & 80's X-Men, and the super cheesy villains.  You'll see, though, I get whatever I think looks cool.  I need a Paste-Pot Pete figure.

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