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#021: Superman - 2008 Mattel Infinite Heroes

#021: Superman - 2008 Infinite Heroes

Infinite Heroes Superman
Character Name: Superman
Series/Property: DC Comics Universe
Toy Line: DC Infinite Heroes
Company: Mattel
Year Released: 2008
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: --
Character's First Appearance:  Detective Comics #1 (1938)
Toy Based on Appearance in:  Man of Steel #1 (1986) ; DC Superfriends cartoon; Super Powers figure (1984)
Style: Modern Action Figure

This figure seems to be based on John Byrne's classic redesign of Superman in the mid 1980's.


This is a standard, classic, no frills Superman toy.

The big 1986 style "S" symbol.

Superman's cape
Yellow superman shield on the cape.

Infinite Heroes Supermen
Superman (classic); Superman (Heat Vision); Superman Prime; unreleased Silver Age style Superman (Earth 2)

Justice League
With the classic Justice League lineup.


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John Byrne's Superman:

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