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#019: Captain Kirk - Ertl 1984 Star Trek III

#019: Captain Kirk - Ertl 1984 Star Trek III


Character Name: Captain James T. Kirk
Series/Property: Star Trek
Toy Line: Star Trek III
Company: Ertl
Year Released: 1984
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$---
Character's First Appearance:  Star Trek (1966 TV)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984)
As portrayed by:  William Shatner
Character Created by: Gene Roddenberry
Style: Vintage Action Figure

I wanted these figures so badly in the 80's as a child.  I never got them.

Carded figure before restoration. He's a mess.

They were way too expensive in the 1990's for me to afford, and loose examples today are usually in bad shape, or the gold trim has worn off their badges (a big deal for me.)  They're also made of a really fragile plastic, so often they are broken at the thumbs, elbows, shoulder, etc.

Back of the card showing the other toys Ertl made for Star Trek III.

So I decided to buy some and restore them.  By restoring them, I mean that I replaced the rubber bands, and changed the T-bars out for new ones.

Kirk included a tricorder or log of some type (left.)  

Spock and Scotty, who both should have came with the tricorder, instead came with phasers.  Kirk, who should have come with a phaser, came with the captain's log/tricorder/communicator/whatever. It's unimportant because all of the accessories are way too big and don't work so great anyway.  They look better empty-handed.


So happy to add Shatner in his proper turtleneck to my collection.

One day I'd like to get all of the Ertl Star Trek III toys.

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