Monday, November 18, 2013

#012: The Sixth Doctor - Character Options 5-inch figure


Character Name: The Sixth Doctor
Series/Property: Doctor Who
Toy Line: Doctor Who (Eleven Doctors Action Figure Set)
Company: Character Options
Year Released: 2010
Size/Scale: 5 inches
Character's First Appearance: "The Caves of Androzani (1984)"
Toy Based on Appearance in: "Terror of the Vervoids (1986)"
As portrayed by: Colin Baker
Style: Modern Action Figure

The Sixth Doctor gets a bad rap... I think it's the coat.

But "The Two Doctors" is one of the best stories in the classic series, and not just because it was filmed mere blocks from where I live in Seville, Spain.

The stories are dripping with 80's cheese, cheap effects, and bad acting- but these are all things I love in my science fiction.   Baker is consistently awesome in creating a Doctor that simultaneously is a throwback to the first two Doctors, but with a sinister, dangerous side.   I remember in the 90's people hated the Troughton episodes, and now in the 2010s, they are considered some of the best (this is true.) Maybe as time passes people will love this era of the show more, and just accept it for what it is, a fun romp through the cosmos.


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