Friday, November 15, 2013

#005: R2-D2 - 2009 Legacy Collection Resurgence of the Jedi

#005: R2-D2 - 2009 Legacy Collection Resurgence of the Jedi


Character Name: R2-D2
Series/Property: Star Wars
Toy Line: Legacy Collection (from the Resurgence of the Jedi Battle Pack Box Set)
Company: Hasbro
Year Released: 2009
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$23.99 (for the set)
Character's First Appearance:  Star Wars (1977) (Episode IV: A New Hope)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Star Wars (1977)but is also accurate to Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983)
As portrayed by:  Kenny Baker
Character Created by: George Lucas
Style: Modern Action Figure

This version is my favorite.  It features a retractable third leg (just twist the dome.)

with C-3PO (ROTS 2005)

with C-3PO (2009 Saga Legends)

The set this figure comes with is amazing, and a must have for any modern collector, as it contains the best version to date of Luke in his iconic white costume from 1977, as well as a great Obi Wan Kenobi figure and various excellent accessories.


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