Wednesday, November 13, 2013

#001: Darth Vader - 1978 Vintage Kenner

#001: Darth Vader (1978 Vintage Kenner)

Star Wars 1978 Kenner Darth Vader

Character Name: Darth Vader
Series/Property: Star Wars
Toy Line: Star Wars (Kenner, 1978-1985)
Company: Kenner
Year Released: 1978
Size/Scale: 3.75 inches
Original Retail Price: US$1.99
Character's First Appearance:  Star Wars (1977) (Episode IV: A New Hope)
Toy Based on Appearance in: Star Wars (1977)Empire Strikes Back (1980)Return of the Jedi (1983)
As portrayed by:  David Prowse / James Earl Jones
Character Created by: George Lucas / Ralph McQuarrie
Style: Vintage Action Figure

Vintage Darth Vader, one of my most favorite figures ever, beloved in my childhood, a good way to begin.

Star Wars 1978 Kenner Darth Vader

The gold standard from which all 3.75 inch figures strive for.  One of the most famous playthings of all time.

Star Wars 1978 Kenner Darth Vader

This one is all original.  I am not such a big fan of reproduction parts on vintage Star Wars figures. I don't mind repro stickers on other toylines, however.

This is also not part of my childhood toys either.  I only one one figure from my childhood, which I'll show as well one day.

History of the Darth Vader costume:
Details of Vader's injuries:

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